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Craigslist Tulsa 

Craigslist Tulsa
Craigslist rental scam in Tulsa
Craigslist scam is continuously hurting people that are using craigslist for transaction. Craigslist is providing the info about houses for rent. Due to this facility, Michael Bennett wanted to rent a house. He thought craigslist as the best source to get the info. For this purpose he visited craigslist Tulsa. He found a house leasing for $600 a month. He found this offer suitable.  Later on it was found that house was sold and it was not for rent. It was a scam and people must know about it. He had to go to West Africa and did not make payment. That trip saved him from disaster. Otherwise he had lost everything including money. The ad about the home contained pictures of kitchen, rooms and other areas. It is very easy to copy and paste the pictures from any other site that publishes the pictures. Bennett also found ads regarding other cities and states containing same info. He was lucky that he has not lost his money. In most of the cases people lost their money and left with nothing. Police warranted people many times about such scams. Not craigslist but people also use other online sources for fake ads.

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